Time is the essence: The 2002 Champagne Dom Ruinart as a reminiscence to Jean-Fran?ois Barot

Jean-François Barot (Photo by Oliver Rüther) was a classy man: Marathon man - he never drank wine four weeks before a competition - as well as chef de cave from 1985 to the year 2002 at Ruinart, the oldest Champagne house, thus responsible for the Goût Chardonnay Ruinart. Of course the trend-setter for this special and exclusive goût was always the Cuvée Dom Ruinart, an unusual Blanc de Blancs from grapes of the Montagne de Reims and the Côte des Blancs.

This came to mind when Frédéric Panaiotis, Ruinart's cellermaster since 2007, came to Munich to present the newest house releases Dom Ruinart 2002 and the Dom Ruinart Ros? 1998, wines of course which were elaborated by Barot, who died on the 24th of March, 2008 at the age of 68. Therefore this exclusive event turned into a sincere homage to Jean-François Barot when Panaiotis mentioned that most of the wines which he will present now or in the future are made by his predecessor.



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