Terres & Vins de Champagne in April 2013

This year's Terres et Vine Degustation takes place on the 22th of April at as usual the Hotel Castel Jeanson, Aÿ, from 9.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Registration will be available under http://www.terresetvinsdechampagne.com. These vignerons, many of them present some important organic or bio-dynamic, show their Champagnes and some vins clair from the harvest 2012:
Champagne Agrapart (Avize)
Champagne Françoise Bedel (Crouttes-sur-Marne)
Champagne Bérèche (Ludes)
Champagne Francis Boulard (Cauroy-les-Hermonville)
Champagne Chartogne-Taillet (Merfy)
Champagne Couche (Buxeuil)
Champagne Doquet (Vertus)
Champagne René Geoffroy (Aÿ)
Champagne Goutourbe (Aÿ)
Champagne Horiot (Les Riceys)
Champagne Jeaunaux Robin (Talus Saint Prix)
Champagne Benoit Lahaye (Bouzy)
Champagne Laherte Fréres (Chavot)
Chamapgne Vincent Laval (Cumières)
Champagne Leclapart (Trépail)
Champagne Marie-Noëlle Ledru (Ambonnay)
Champagne Dominique Moreau (Polisot)
Champagne Franck Pascal (Baslieux-sous-Châtillon)
Champagne Hubert Paulet (Rilly-la-Montagne)
Champagne Pouillon & Fils (Mareuil sur Aÿ)
Champagne Tarlant (Œuilly).
For professionals and wine aficionados.

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