Between Polisot, Mussy and Gyé sur Seine: Côte des Bar's Champagne Festival on July 26th and 27th

The Wine growers of the Côte des Bar are in the midst of preparing one of the major events in the Champagne Region, The Champagne Tourist Route Festival. This festival started in 1995, now 30.000 visitors are expected. Organized by the association, "Cap'C, the event celebrates a different area of the Cote des Bar region every year. This summer the festival will take place in the Seine Valley from Polisot and Mussy en passant to Gyé sur Seine on July 26th and 27th.
There is also a professional tasting on the eve of the festival, Friday July 25th: The champagne houses of Gyé Sur Seine are proud to be able to present their wines in the great hall of the village chateau which dates from the 13th century.
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