100 Millionen Flachen nicht verkauft, aber die Preise sollen laut Maxime Toubart stabil bleiben: Billiger Champagner könnte schlechter Champagner sein.

Wie France 24 aktuell berichtetl:

Sales of champagne, one of France's most iconic products, have tumbled over the past year amid the Covid-19 pandemic, with industry representatives estimating that some 100 million bottles will be left unsold. FRANCE 24 reports.

Lower demand due to the pandemic has led to an exceptionally low harvest quota in France's Champagne region, with pickers in the vineyards having to cut one-fifth less than last year.
"When venues where people drink such as cafes, hotels and restaurants are closed, when weddings and music festivals are called off, people drink less champagne," noted Maxime Toubart, president of the General Union of Champagne Producers.
However, Toubart cautioned that lower demand will not necessarily lead to lower prices: "It's important to maintain the product's value because cheap champagne could lead to the impression of being bad champagne."

Anmerkung: Hinsichtlich Preisentwicklung am besten in einen Supermarkt in Reims gehen.

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